The data you want. The data you need. How and when you need it.


The patented query language that delivers custom and current data and data feeds how you want, when you want – to your bottom-line advantage.

Since inception, QL2 has been pioneering the market for competitive data and analysis, to the point that the industry term for such data became “QL2.” The WebQL platform, which powers our data extraction engine, is simply better than the rest. WebQL is the efficient, flexible way to acquire the web data you need with rapid, seamless ease. Any analyst, data miner or decision maker would agree. This is the data they love – it’s exciting and interesting and it helps them with unsolvable problems. It keeps them cutting-edge and competitive. Rather than a data-capture vendor, we become partners to data lovers, helping them solve the challenges that keep them up at night.

Our platform goes beyond the norm to harvest any data set needed – ensuring the most complete and comprehensive competitive picture. From pricing to color to size to weight to custom review to status to timing to time and location of purchase – there is no data we can’t extract and analyze for our clients. WebQL is available to our clients and partners in three different ways: full service, on demand, and hosted.

Full Service WebQL

We can deliver what you need, without you necessarily knowing what you need. Our full-service cloud-based solution turns us into an extension of your analytics team, working to solve your problems by finding, capturing, and analyzing an exact niche piece of data, an entire market landscape – or any other custom data extraction.

We become your partner, identifying problems that have yet to emerge, defining and extracting the data needed to solve said problems, and providing you with the data feeds, insights and analytics to justify your decisions to any stakeholder, as you analyze competitive markets to identify your most profitable potential business decisions.

WebQL on Demand

Our patented data extraction engine delivers real-time competitive and industry-specific data via our managed cloud solution, enabling clients to control their data extractions and make profitable decisions on the fly. This on-demand data extraction system harvests and analyzes billions of data points every day for hundreds of clients across industries, around the world.

Our platform was built to change the data extraction space, enabling our clients to monitor, collect and analyze custom data sets to set strategy, make and justify decisions, model and forecast, and beat the competition at every game – in real time. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our capabilities are so custom and innovative; we have yet to discover everything that can be done with our data sets.

Self-Hosted WebQL

Our self-hosted solution literally puts the control in the client’s hands by granting you the license to install your own WebQL server locally. In short, we provide local access to our proprietary data extraction tool, with access and control over the nuts, bolts and gears, to search and extract the data you want and need.

We provide ongoing access so you can customize the extraction of the precise data you need. Our engineers are available to support your needs, but the control remains in your hands, at your locations, on your servers.


Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about the three WebQL platforms.

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