The analytics you need to justify any data-backed decision.

RivalWatch Analytics

Exactly what you need to make data-backed decisions. Our insights and analytics are based on up-to-date data and industry trends to ensure your decisions are fact-based, trend-based, efficient, effective and best of all – profitable.

RivalWatch analytics are simply put, insight at the speed of your market. Ours is not your average data, and our analytics go well beyond average. We don’t just give you a mass data dump. The data is formatted in a comprehendible, usable format – with detailed, clarifying analysis.

 You can conduct a single data extraction across thousands of sites or thousands of captures against a single site. No matter what your data need looks like, you’ll get the insights you need. And as the markets are changing faster than ever, we continually add data sources to ensure the most complete picture. Our data becomes the assets and tools you use to make decisions, back decisions, and model future strategy.

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