Market data. Competitive edge.


Our suite of products delivers true competitive advantage through real-time data capture and advanced analytics to produce the most current and comprehensive picture of your market. From WebQL technology to RivalMatchTM analytics and RivalMatch insights, we have what you need to make profitable decisions.


The patented query language that delivers custom and current data how you want it, when you want it – to your bottom-line advantage. With full service, on demand, and self-hosted options, we have the web data extraction solution you need to make justified, profitable business decisions.

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RivalWatch Analytics

Exactly what you need to make data-backed decisions. Our insights and analytics are based on up-to-date data and industry trends to ensure your decisions are fact-based, trend-based, efficient, effective and best of all – profitable.

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A complete view of the retail and hotel markets via automatic, accurate, and efficient product and merchant matching.

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