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The creation of online research and bookings forever changed strategy and profitability potential for pretty much every industry – especially travel. Users now do extensive research to find the cheapest room, seat, fare, etc. It’s not just your website that offers the best possible pricing. There are competitive sites, third-party sites, user-for-sale sites – and more. For any company in the travel space, an ongoing and growing challenge is staying ahead of the competition without losing profitability.

With our history as pioneers in the airfare competitive data space, travel data is by far one of our sweet spots. From hotels to OTAs to travel agents to vacation package sellers, the overarching problem is the same: how to sell every room, seat or spot at the maximum rate for the minimal investment. And in order to do that, you have to be a fly on the wall of your competition’s strategy or war rooms. And since that’s not going to happen, QL2 gives you the next best thing.

Now you can monitor your competition’s activity – from rate to occupancy to booking origin to time of booking – you name it, we can extract the data. And even better, we’ll analyze the data and provide you insights and recommendations for future and ongoing data extraction and pricing strategies.



The cruise market has been more competitive of late, as people can comparison-shop and find great last-minute deals, as well as book-in-advance deals. The cruise industry can no longer rely on travel agents to fill the boats. The market has tripled over the last ten years, and is no longer just for retirees or honeymooners. Cruises are themed and targeted at every possible market, demographic and psychographic.

To stay ahead of the curve, fill the boat, and maximize profit, you need to know what your competition is doing, what the overall travel industry is doing, and how your potential passengers are shopping. QL2 gives you all of that – with the added bonus of actionable insights. The end result is real-time product, pricing and availability data that ensures your products are competitively priced for each desired target market.


Globally, the ferry industry has seen a growing pressure on pricing and product. Users are still very willing to buy a ticket on an as-needed basis, but with more and more global commuters using ferries to commute – online bookings are growing and the product and pricing options must remain strong and competitive.

QL2 provides a cost-effective, value adding, way to support revenue management, pricing and profit professionals through our real-time search engine and robust decision support reporting system. QL2 is the industry leader in providing real-time rates, capturing data from thousands of online sources. QL2’s unique product ensures that all product segments and fares are matched up to comparable product offers from competitors regardless of the data source.


Around the world, people are traveling by train instead of other means. Trains are competing with airlines, buses, ferries, rental cars and more to capture bookings and sustainable revenue streams. To stay ahead of the game, railway providers need to know competitive rates, buying trends, and product offerings from other trains, metros, airlines – and more.

QL2 does just that – and more. As the leading provider of web-based market, industry and competitive data, QL2’s products and solutions ensure companies like Amtrak are 100% aware – at all times and in real time – what their passengers are shopping for, what they’re willing to pay – and when they’re making their bookings. And these data points just scratch the surface. QL2’s level of data and analysis are designed to ensure railway providers, as well as the entire global travel market – is staying competitive and consumer-focused.

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