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As the experts and pioneers of competitive airfare data, several years ago QL2 decided to broaden our horizons to provide our industry-leading solutions to a variety of other verticals, including retail. One of the most competitive and rapidly changing spaces, retail is surprisingly quite similar to the travel space. The online world has created an almost auction-like atmosphere for retail shoppers.

Our industry-leading solutions, powered and enhanced by our RivalMatchTM and RivalMatch technologies, help you monitor and track your competitors pricing activity by literally any detail, including price, color, size, date and time of purchase, location of purchase, payment type, seasonal trends, daily promotions – and so much more. We can extract pretty much any data you need from your competition – both direct and indirect. Not only that, our data melds seamlessly with any business intelligence system you leverage, so you can have a complete analytical picture with which to make on-the-fly and long-term branding and strategic performance decisions.

And we will never hand you a big file of data along with our best wishes. We give you the trends, insights and overall analytical picture to make and justify any decision you make.

Whether you are prepping for Black Friday, a new product launch, or just the daily sales plan, our data extraction and analytics solution is one you can’t be without.

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Lowest price for most common size tires increased 4% from January to
July 2017

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