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Alternative Data

As fundamental analysts, traders and investors, you need to analyze markets and data for a living, for profit, for the win. QL2 data generates alpha. It’s that simple. Our alternative data assets, correlation analyses, and critical market intelligence comprise over 150 public and 500 private companies. Our data is sourced, scrubbed, analyzed, and delivered to you when you need it, how you need it. This means quantified, actionable insights that deliver ROI from your hedge fund and investment decisions.

QL2’s technologies, products and solutions help you make the best of alternative data by arming you with information to analyze markets deeply and recognize trends and risk potential faster than ever. We define and extract public web data for modeling, predicting and estimating – with precision and scale. The investment decisions that others are afraid of – you’ll now be able to make with ease and confidence to obtain alpha..

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JFK to LHR Flights: 2+ million online fares collected monthly

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