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Renting a car is a game of wits these days. Just like buying a ticket or booking a room, customers want the most perks for the least cost. And they aren’t the only players in the consumer space. From inclusion in vacation packages, to corporate or insurance-specific partners, car rental companies must keep their rates flexible and fluid to remain competitive and relevant to both loyal and fickle customers.

Much like the travel and hospitality spaces, you simply can’t troll your competitive space all day to see what the lowest rate is in every region, across every season, for every consumer market.

Our solutions ensure you are able to track and capture up-to-the-minute accurate pricing data for every competitor you choose to monitor. The end result is a complete competitive landscape, ensuring your long-term strategic and on-the-fly decisions regarding pricing and promotion are justifiable, profitable, and sustainable. Our custom platform integrates seamlessly into your pricing and revenue management systems, ensuring manageable data in flexible formats for your every analytical need. You can search for a radius around any address, offering you data well beyond the “off-airport” industry standard. You’ll confidently know which rates are worth competing with, in which market, at which time, for which customers – as well as what differentiator to highlight – to grow market share, maintain margin, and maximize ROI.


Monthly Car Rental Rate Collections by Location:

QL2’s Car Rental  Collection Map summarizes the number of car rental rates collected by pick up location in January 2017.  In total over 225M rates were collected for the month across 948 different pick up locations globally from over 30 car rental agencies.  QL2 has 3+ years of Car Rental data currently in our database.

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50+ car rental companies with 1B+ online monthly rates

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