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Auto and Tires

Whether it’s researching used cars, buying replacing parts or looking for new tires, customers are putting more thought and research than ever into their efforts. They are now in charge of the transaction. The days of bargaining are long gone. Customers are walking in the door (or visiting the site) armed with the information they need to get the best rate or price. And if they don’t get it, they will turn around and walk away. (And then take to social media to tell the world about their bad experience.)

You can try and stay in the game by setting up alerts and trying to manually track competitor and industry activity. But you’ll never have the time to analyze the information, let alone make sustainable strategic decisions.

Our solution arms you with whatever data set your analysts and decision makers could even imagine to make daily, long-term and last minute decisions to make the most profit you can at the highest potential ROI.

Your competitors will stop looking over their shoulders and start looking at your positions and movements. But with our data, insights and modeling, you’ll stay at least two steps ahead of everyone else, maximizing margin and market share.

Tire Traction

Competitive edge no longer means just your traditional, one-to-one competitors. As today’s consumers prefer to shop online, they are turning to Amazon and other online retailers for their tire research and buying needs. To get a true picture of your competition, subscribe to QL2’s latest web data product: Tire Traction.

Tire Traction is a weekly specialized report featuring national tire data and Opening Price Point by Tire Size from top competitors, including:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Tirerack
  • Discount Tire Direct
  • Tirebuyer

With our data, insights and modeling across the tires sales industry, you’ll stay ahead of market trends and place yourself in the best position to maximize margin and market share. Make timely and profitable price adjustment with Tire Traction!

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