Ours is not your average data.


QL2 harvests, curates, analyzes and sells the best and most productive travel, retail, automotive, hospitality, financial and energy data. This ensures we are continually providing the world’s best solution for competitive pricing data, helping our clients solve more of their problems and make optimal decisions.

The data we collect is public and our technologies never interrupt data sources. We maintain a large data repository with advanced request analytics, and analyze source traffic in real time to ensure quality and up time.

Our data is complex and complete but our approach is simple. We give you real-time data when you need it, how you need it. Our data points and sources are vast – and every data extraction performed is new and custom. Our raw data, reports and insights will never be based on static or cached data. We ensure you are always able to maintain or improve your market position with the quickest, most comprehensive competitive insights.