True competitive advantage with market-leading and market-changing data.

About QL2

QL2 delivers true competitive advantage through on-demand data extraction, product matching, and actionable insights. Our comprehensive real-time analytics help clients make profitable decisions that outsmart their competition.


QL2 provides the world’s best solution for competitive pricing data, helping our clients to reduce the time and money it takes to make informed and confident pricing decisions. 

  • Complete and accurate data
  • World’s best solution for competitive pricing data
  • Reduce the time and money needed to make pricing decisions
  • Data collected anonymously, data sources never interrupted
  • Data complex and complete, approach is simple and easy to implement
  • On-demand data extraction and analysis 
  • Real-time, insightful picture of nearly any market 
  • Profitable decisions to stay ahead of the competition and grow market share


By data mining millions of queries on a daily basis, our proprietary technologies anonymously collect and deliver the most relevant pricing and product data through real-time searches of your competitor’s websites – without ever interrupting the data sources. 


  • 20+ years defining the data harvesting industry for airlines, expanded into 11 additional verticals
  • 200B+ data records, 2+ years of historical pricing records from 400 companies across the world (150 public)
  • Flexible custom solutions available for every client

Our Approach

QL2 harvests, curates, analyzes and sells the best and most productive travel, retail, automotive, hospitality, financial and energy data.

Our Team

QL2 is comprised of tenured veterans who built, led, and advanced industry-leading technology companies such as, AOL, Millennial Media, Yahoo!, Experian, and more. From finance to IT to operations to sales, this team has been pioneering technology solutions for decades.

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